Friday, September 16, 2011

Parade of the Lanterns (Desfile de los faroles)

Every 15th day of September Costa Rican's celebrate the independence of Central America from Spain.  From my understanding the actual act of independence was not signed until October 29th, but the 15th was the day when they officially started formal discussions about the iminent declaration.  On the 14th day of September, Costa Rican children and family gather at their schools and community centers to sing the national anthen, sing songs of independence and to show off their lanterns, afterward which they parade through town.

Willie is a member of our Guías y Scouts troop (Costa Rican version of Boy and Girl Scouts) 

Why lanterns?  As the story goes María Delores Bedoya went through the streets of Guatemala with a torch to invite the citizens to congregate and participate in the discussion for independence in the plaza in front of the Palacio Naciónal.  I couldn't help but think of the legendary ride of Paul Revere when I heard this story.

Diana (girl to the left) is in our Guías y Scouts troop

On the 15th of September, it is common for children to participate in bands, traditional dances while again parading through town.  No crazy fireworks, just a lot of amazingly precious kids and their families participating in some good, wholesome civic pride.

Here are a few more pictures from the Parade of the Lanterns (Desfile de los faroles)...

Andri is the son of a friend

Gerald (pronounced Harold) was formally a member of our English class

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